Journal "Engineering Today" (ISSN 2812-9474), first published in 2022 is the successor of the scientific journal "IMK-14 Research & Development" (ISSN 0354-6829) which was published continuously from 1995.

Papers that were published previously in the "IMK-14 Research & Development" can be found on the following website:

Vol. 1 No. 01 (2022): Engineering Today

Published: 15.05.2022

Observer-Based Fault Estimation in Steer-by-Wire Vehicle

Vladimir Djordjević, Vladimir Stojanović, Dragan Pršić, Ljubiša Dubonjić, Marcelo Menezes Morato


Metaheuristic Applications in Mechanical and Structural Design

Goran Pavlović, Boris Jerman, Mile Savković, Nebojša Zdravković, Goran Marković


Spaces and Technologies of the Circus Spectacle

Marija Divac, Sara Milošević, Katarina Jevtić-Novaković, Olga Timčenko


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