Measurement of motor vehicle speed as an input parameter in models for predicting noise levels

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Žarko Đorđević
Branko Radičević
Mišo Bjelić
Jovana Bojković


Motor vehicle speed is one of the inputs used to develop models for predicting road traffic noise levels. In existing models, the vehicle speed used as input to estimate the noise level is not the current (measured) speed, but the vehicle speed determined based on the speed limit by road type or vehicle type. Therefore, the development of a device for measuring vehicle speed using radar that works on the principle of Doppler effect, which is presented in the paper. The advantage of this measuring device is the low price compared to similar devices, easy use and the possibility of easy processing of data obtained by measurement. The device allows measuring speed in all weather conditions in terms of temperature, precipitation and time of day. Then, in real time, it displays the speed and direction of movement of the vehicle on the screen of the mobile phone, and in the stationary laboratory, remote control, adjustment and adjustment of the software for measuring speed is enabled.

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