Metaheuristic Applications in Mechanical and Structural Design

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Goran Pavlović
Boris Jerman
Mile Savković
Nebojša Zdravković
Goran Marković


The paper shows the significance of metaheuristic optimization algorithms through their application to specific engineering problems, especially in mechanical and civil engineering domains, where some significant publications are presented. Moreover, due to their nature, these algorithms are very convenient for application in various engineering examples, both with single-objective or multi-objective optimization problems. Also, they are successfully being applied for tasks with a great number of variables and constraint functions. Finally, the paper presents the comparison of the results of seven chosen metaheuristic optimization algorithms that were applied on the example of the cantilever beam subjected to complex loading. The objective function was the cross-sectional area of the welded I-profile. In contrast, the constraint functions were the permissible stresses in the I-profile and the welded connection supporting a cantilever beam and one welding technology limitation. After comparing obtained optimum results, optimization time and convergence for all seven chosen algorithms, some conclusions and recommendations for an appropriate type choice and application were made.

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