A Study on the Vibrations of the Induction Motors Having Squirrel Cage Rotor

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Ioan Peter
Arpad Borsos


In the present paper are examined the vibrations of the induction motors having squirrel cage rotor. The study is per-formed by means of spectrograms presenting the vibration speed depending on the frequency, drawn up for motors produced by S.C.Electroprecizia Electrical Motors Sacele and on the base of the study of the specialty literature. There have been studied the motors of 3000, 1500,1000 RPM up to 7,5 kW and are proposed measures to reduce their vibra-tion level. Among the possible solutions proposed are using of a waved spring washer between the end shield and the bearing's external ring, the inclination in V or zigzag of the cage's bars at a half of the rotor pitch and reducing the stator field harmonics.

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I. Peter and A. Borsos, “A Study on the Vibrations of the Induction Motors Having Squirrel Cage Rotor”, ET, vol. 2, no. 1, Mar. 2023.
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