Development and state-of-the art in green elevators technologies: A survey

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Nenad Zrnić
Andro Dragović
Nenad Kosanić
Vladan Milovanović


Green elevators represent a new standard in all elevator facilities. This paper analyzes all new technologies that need to be applied, and this refers to the energy efficiency of the drive, the use of a different configuration, and the changed components on the elevator. This paper also deals with models that change the classic motion of the elevator and emit low energy consumption. It is of the key importance to show which countries strive to replace all their plants with new configurations and regulations, where the most important fact is to perform an impact assessment on an annual basis. The main goal of this paper is to show that all components designed at the experimental level should be introduced into standard plants and reduce their production cost. From a comprehensive analysis of the previous research, it is concluded that the most significant advantages are achieved by using new electrical schemes, components, and energy sources that are not connected directly to the power distribution grid. At the end, from the corresponding literature, it is concluded that many major manufacturers in the elevator industry have to apply the modern technology from their development centers to existing standard elevators, in order to meet all new ecological and emission standards

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N. Zrnić, A. Dragović, N. Kosanić, and V. Milovanović, “Development and state-of-the art in green elevators technologies: A survey ”, ET, vol. 2, no. 3, Sep. 2023.
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