An analysis regarding train derailments caused by cracked wheelsets

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Eugen Ghita


The wheelset is a critical component of a bogie's rolling equipment, and safety requirements necessitate both static and fatigue analysis of wheelset axles. This paper proposes a comparative analysis of derailments and accidents caused by cracked wheelsets, a topic that is extensively debated among wheelset manufacturers and railway administrations. The central issue under discussion is whether the cause of wheelset axle cracking is attributed to failure in complying with wagon or locomotive loading requirements, leading to increased static stress, or to material fatigue. The answer to this debate may be found through technical expertise that involves analyzing the cross-section of the cracking, stress levels, and the impact of dynamic conditions.

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E. Ghita, “An analysis regarding train derailments caused by cracked wheelsets ”, ET, vol. 2, no. 3, Sep. 2023.
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