PD controller design for a system of a valve controlled hydromotor

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Ljubiša Dubonjić
Saša Prodanović
Vladimir Stojanović
Marcelo Menezes Morato


PD controller design methodology based on D-decomposition is considered in this paper. The method consists in tuning two parameters of a controller: proportional (P) and differential (D). The method was applied to a hydromotor controlled by a valve according to the position of the valve’s piston. The results obtained in this paper show the good performance of the automatic control system in comparison with other methods of controller design and other controllers designed with the same method on the valve controlled hydromotor system.

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L. Dubonjić, S. Prodanović, V. Stojanović, and M. M. Morato, “PD controller design for a system of a valve controlled hydromotor ”, ET, vol. 2, no. 3, Sep. 2023.
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