Analysis of the performance of the shell and tube heat exchanger: influence of pipe layout and diameter

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Stefan Adžić
Dragiša Šimunović
Branko Radičević


Heat exchangers are devices that are used in numerous areas of industry with the most important role in process technology. The growing need for maximum energy utilization contributed to the very rapid development of these devices. Of all types of heat exchangers, shell and tube exchangers are the most widely used in process technology. The paper analyzes the performance of a shell and tube heat exchanger of known geometric characteristics and rated power. Numerically and by simulation of fluid flow in the SolidWorks software package, a comparative performance analysis was performed depending on the different layout and for the values of the outer diameter of the pipe 33,7x2 mm and 60,3x2,7 mm for the same external dimensions of the heat exchanger. The obtained results show that the heat exchanger with a circular arrangement of pipes measuring 60,2x2,7 mm has the best performance, taking into account the achieved power of the exchanger.

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S. Adžić, D. Šimunović, and B. Radičević, “Analysis of the performance of the shell and tube heat exchanger: influence of pipe layout and diameter ”, ET, vol. 2, no. 4, Nov. 2023.
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