A contribution to the theoretical-experimental investigation of transverse vibrations of the controlling lever of a commercial motor vehicle

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Miroslav Demić


During exploitation, commercial motor vehicles are exposed to various types of loads, among which vibrations are of particular importance. Vibrations lead to fatigue of vehicle users and materials of their components. Therefore, they must be studied in the earliest stages of design, using mathematical models, experiments, or their combinations.
In theoretical considerations, vibrations of concentrated masses are usually observed, although recently, with the development of numerical methods (especially finite element methods), attention has also been paid to the vibrations of elastic systems of these vehicles. In such cases, simplifications are usually made, especially regarding exploitation conditions and interconnections of vehicle components.
This paper attempts to develop a method for identifying vibrational loads on the controlling lever under exploita-tion conditions, using a two-parameter frequency analysis with the use of 2 D Fourier transform. The applicability of the procedure is illustrated on an idealized model of the controlling lever, and the conducted research has shown that the two-parameter frequency analysis can also be used to generate transverse vibrations in laboratory conditions.

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M. Demić, “A contribution to the theoretical-experimental investigation of transverse vibrations of the controlling lever of a commercial motor vehicle”, ET, vol. 2, no. 4, Nov. 2023.
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